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At OrthoTennessee our purpose is to improve lives through patient-centered care; every patient, every time.

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  • 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday
  • 865.769.4500
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256 Fort Sanders West Boulevard
Suite 200
Knoxville, TN 37922

Our History

  • 1930
    1930 Dr. Robert Brashear The Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic is founded by Drs. Troy Bagwell and Robert Brashear. Dr. Brashear is first team physician for the University of Tennessee.
  • 1955
    1955 University of Tennessee Medical Center is built to  explore possible uses in the medical field of the nuclear isotopes that had been developed in nearby Oak Ridge as part of the Manhattan Project. KOC was responsible for many innovations and “firsts” in orthopedics in the area, e.g. first total hip replacement.
  • 2018
    1971 OrthoTennessee Maryville, a group of Orthopaedic Surgeons, was established in Blount County by Dr. Robert Haralson in 1971, with retired Physicians Dr. Bryan Smalley and Dr. Ken Bell joining Dr. Haralson soon thereafter.
  • 1977
    1977 Dr. Edwin Schaumburg University Orthopedic Surgeons was founded in 1977, by Dr. Edwin Schaumburg. Practicing as a solo physician, with only one exam room, Dr. Schaumburg started his trauma career by overseeing the orthopedic residents at UT Hospital.in 1978, G. Edward Jeffries, MD joined the practice located at Baptist Hospital.
  • 1996
    1996 Orthopedic Surgeons of Oak Ridge was founded 1996 by Drs. Clifford Posman, Randall Robbins, Cletus McMahon and Schluntz. Dr, McMahon becomes the Oak Ridge High School team physician in 1980
  • 1998
    1998 The Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, University Orthopaedic Surgeons, Maryville Orthopaedic Clinic and Orthopedic Surgeons of Oak Ridger merge to form Southeastern Orthopaedics.
  • 2008
    2008   Southeastern Orthopaedics changes its name to OrthoTennessee.